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RummyPassion is one of the leading online rummy sites in India. RummyPassion offers a complete package of excellent online entertainment with a lot of variations of 13 card rummy games and mega tournaments. Also RummyPassion features innovative payment and withdrawal options along with exclusive bonuses, deals, and offers.

What are the RummyPassion tournaments? What are the variants of Rummy tournaments have been conducted by RummyPassion? This post may help you find solutions for the above given questions.

Our GamingStar review team has found that RummyPassion offers Cash tournaments, Freeroll tournaments and beginners tournaments to their players. The online rummy site conducts all these 3 variant rummy tournaments to their players everyday.

RummyPassion tournaments can be divided into following categories, they are,
1. Freeroll tournaments
2. Cash Tournaments
3. Beginner Tournaments

RummyPassion Tournaments – Freeroll Tournaments

Rummy Passion conducts  Freeroll Jumbo Tournament where there is no entry fee. They have the Best Rummy Tournaments set up for you at convenient times of day. There are many Free Roll Tournaments you can participate in including Jackpot 1K, Big Jackpot 5K, Jumbo Jackpot 10K and Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh. In addition to Free Roll Tournaments, you can participate in Cash Tournaments too!

RummyPassion Tournaments – Cash Tournaments

RummyPassion runs cash tournaments worth more than 7K in every day. As the name indicates, in RummyPassion Cash Tournaments hasave a minimal  an entry fee which you need to pay in order to enroll in that tournament. Typically, freeroll tournaments are played amongst a large number of players and so the competition level is higher, whereas in a cash tournament the number of players is comparatively less so it is easy to win.

RummyPassion Tournaments –  Beginner Tournaments

These tournaments are targeted to help our newbies make a comfortable landing into real money tournament world. RummyPassion beginners tournament details are given below,

  • Prize Pool – Rs 500
  • Entry Fee – Free
  • Tournament Start Time – Daily 7 PM
  • No. of Players – 30
  • Registration Start Time – 48 hours before Tournament starts

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