What is Rummy?

Rummy is a kind of card game which is played with 2 or more decks of cards along with printed jokers. To win a game, a player he/she should make a valid declaration by selecting and discarding cards from the given piles. The players unable to see the card that he/she is picking the card from the pile is called closed deck. Players have to arrange the cards in a valid sequence and sets.

In Rummy, the cards are starting with Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K (Jack, Queen and King). Jack, Queen, King and Ace each value has 10 points and rest of others have the same value of their face value like 1 as a, 2 as 2 etc.

What are the Basic Concepts in 13 Card Indian Rummy Rules?

Primarily there are few basic rummy rules concepts in Indian Rummy Game.

1. Sequence – It consists of 3 or more consecutive cards with the same suit.

Example – 7♣, 8♣, 9♣, 10♣

The player should to form 2 sequences with a pure and impure sequence
• Pure Sequence- Sequence without Joker
• Impure Sequence- – Sequence with Joker

2. Set – It consists of 3 or 4 rummy cards of the identical value or card with different suits.

Example- 7 ♠, 7 ♦, 7 ♥, 7 ♣

3. Joker– Wild and Printed Joker.

4. Table– A table is the place where you play a card game of rummy. A game of Rummy is typically played on a table.

5. Deck– A full set of rummy cards is named as a Deck of rummy Cards. It’s consist of the following cards:

• 52 cards – Totally 4 Suits (one suit consists of 13 cards)
• 1 Wild Card joker – Also named as a Paper Joker

6. Joker– 1 card from the existing deck is randomly selected; it’s become the joker for the particular game. All cards with the same rank as the chosen card and any suit are considered as wild jokers. Apart from there are 2 printed jokers. A joker card can be used for the sets just like any card. As per the rummy rules, you should form a sequence without any joker sequence it is considered as called pure sequence.

7. Round– It’s a part of a rummy rules that begins with dealing the game & ends with a rummy player making the game a success.

8. Deal– At a game starting the round, cards have to distribute to all the players is called as Dealing.

9. Draw– Pick the card from the deck is termed as Draw

10. Discarding – If you draw a card you should discard one card is called discarding.

11. Show– The action of submitting the winning cards is called Show.

12. Drop– Players don’t play the game he leave the table in the first round is called Drop

13. Valid Rule– To make a successful show, a player must have at least 1 Pure Sequence, 2 or more impure sequences and 1 set.

14. Number of Players – Rummy can be played by 2 minimum players to 6 maximum players. Above 2 players in a game, 2 decks of rummy cards are used.

15. Toss– After the toss only decides which player will start the game first. At the starting of the game each player will get a card, the highest hand card will determine play first. The highest card ranking order is JOKER, SPADE, HEART, CLUB, and DIAMOND.

101 & 201 Pool Rummy rules

• It is a game played between 2 to 6 players
• Every player is dealt with a set of 13 cards
• Who gets the highest score is eliminated from the game
• At the end of the game players with least score is declared as winner
• Winner will get the prize of other players entry free along with the detection of rake
• There is an option to split the prize value and finish the game with the approval of other players.
• The initial drop is 20 points, middle drop is 40 points and 80 points it’s varied for different size and the different types like 101 and 102 pool rummy.

5 simple and easy tips to win a rummy game using these Rummy Rules

Here are a few golden tips on winning Rummy’s skillful game:

• When the game starts thoroughly check out the hand of your cards, first decide that you could continue the game or not. If you have bad card just drop it.
• If yes, you continue the game, try to form a pure sequence as soon as possible, and then form 1 impure sequence to reduce the point values.
• Slowly discard the high value cards in every round. (Ace, Jack, Queen and King )
• First form the highest point’s cards with pure and impure sequence.
• Double check your cards before your game declaration. An invalid declaration you will lose full points like 80 points in a round.

What are the rummy online websites are available in India?

In recent times many websites have opened up where 13 card Indian Rummy can be played online for fun or money, sometimes for cash prizes, toward with real opponents. Here are some of the websites that offer that online rummy gaming services, Want to earn real money games idea check out here.

1. RummyCircle
2. Ace2Three
3. Adda52Rummy
4. JungleeRummy
5. Khelplayrummy
6. DeccanRummy
7. RummyPassion
8. RummyBaazi
9. RummyCulture
10. RummyAdda
11. IndigoRummy
12. SilkRummy
13. PlayRummy
14. Gorummy
15. MastRummy

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