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indian rummy rules

There are various important factors to consider while creating a successful rummy strategy. Some of the key points to be taken into account are the betting amount, the number of players, the level of players’ expertise, etc. As rummy is a multiplayer game it is very important to assess the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can get better odds from the table. At the same time, you should also focus on the cards that are at your hand. They should be strong enough to give you a winning hand.


If you are playing rummy for cash you need to be very careful about how you are managing the bankroll for the games. Bankroll is nothing but the amount you allot for playing games. You should not keep playing games with cash without keeping a track of money lost or earned. This is a must-have discipline as this will not only help you make profits in the long run but also help avoid getting in the debt trap.

However good a player you are you need to understand there are equally good players out there and there are times when you can get a bad hand. For a beginner, the best way to create a bankroll is to allocate a share of the money you spend on entertainment towards bankrolling your game. So if you spend Rs.3,000 on entertainment every month you can allocate Rs.1,500 towards bankroll of Rummy. Now split the Rs.1,500 for 15 days i.e Rs.100 per day is what should be your daily budget. Now decide on how many games you want to play in a day, if you want to play rummy games or rummy tournaments in a day join Rs.50 table or below. This is a discipline you need to build on first as this will help you to overcome any bad days you might encounter.


Once the cards are distributed make sure to group the cards in a logical manner. The cards should be grouped for a sequence or sets and also have cards that do not support your ready for discarding. This will help you to make quick decisions as to which cards to pick and which cards to drop and helps you to be on focus. As there is a limited time before which you need to discard a card you can also make the best use of the time to make judgments and create a winning strategy based on the cards in hand.


Cutting your loss when you are not confident of your cards can work out to be a powerful strategy. This is the simplest and easiest strategy to have if the odds are not in your favor. This also helps you to become a better player as you develop the skills to analyze which cards are good and which ones are bad. In Rummy you have two drop options the first drop or middle drop. The first drop will give you just 20 points while the mid drop will give 40 points. You need to analyze the cards in hand and evaluate the options to not just win but also to make sure you have lower points than a mid drop or first drop.


It is mandatory to have a pure sequence in rummy. Having a pure sequence helps you not only to complete the game and win it or worse if someone completes the game before you, but you are also not burdened by high points. Always aim to have cards that will help you with a pure sequence. So you should draw and discard cards from piles such that they give you a higher probability of getting a pure sequence.


As much as you aim to win you should also make sure you score fewer points in the event the opponent finishes the game. High-value cards which do not form a set or sequence are a liability as these cards add to your points if an opponent finishes the game ahead of you. But you should also be careful while discarding these cards as if your opponent might be waiting for a missing high-value card too and you might easily unknowingly assist them in melding the cards. So you should be careful as to how long you can hold on to the high-value cards.


While playing a game of rummy there is a rush of emotions that a player would go through hence it is essential to make sure you keep a check on the emotions. Remember in a game there will be good days and bad days, you will win some and lose some but if you are going to take this person there is a good chance of you making bad judgmental calls. If you are having a bad day or a bad run then take a break and clear your mind before picking up the game.

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