The whole planet has come to a sudden stop, streets & roads have become empty. This may seem like a script of a Hollywood movie but it ain’t, this is 100% real and people are advised to stay at home to fight against this corona pandemic. While the financial markets face meltdown & global recession seems inevitable, people and governments are in fear & anxiety. But it still is too early for measuring the consequences of the impact due to the outbreak.

But we humans seem to be the most enduring race on this globe, facing life-threatening scenarios and coming out in flying colors have always ensured our presence on this planet.

Games and corona

As people stay indoor all day & have nothing much to do, there seems to be a sudden spike in the online gaming sector. In a good way though these games help people cope up with their anxieties and help them stay home which in turn helps the whole community to fight against this Corona pandemic.

Indian gaming companies also are getting ready to take on the challenge which lies ahead of them, with more registrations and more players becoming active on their platforms, they are working day in day out to provide the best gaming experience to their users.

Saumya Singh Rathore WinZo (vernacular gaming platform) Co-Founder says- “During the weekend we observed the gameplay increase three folds on our platform! This trend is only increasing. We experienced a 30% surge in T1 traffic over the last week. The number of games played and time spent on the app grew to almost three times, recording an all-time high”.

A surge of Online Traditional Indian card games

Every Indian family has its fair share of card-playing memories locked up somewhere safely on their minds. As an Indian guy myself, I have some beautiful childhood memories of playing cards with my extended family on summer vacations.

Popular card games such as Rummy, Poker & Betting are now integrated into online sites and mobile apps which helps us connect to those memories. These games have become hugely popular because most of the gaming sites are giving out attractive Real cash Prizes.

Fight against corona together by staying away from each other

As these are tough days for the whole human race, try to be more responsible. Do whatever to keep yourself engaged and stay home to contain the spread of this deadly virus.

“Survival of the fittest”

Go play games and try to make the most out of these days, spend time with family, share love, cherish these days. Let’s look at this situation from a different perspective and open our arms and welcome this most needed break till we fight off this corona storm.

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