9 Avoid These Common Mistakes While Playing Online Rummy Games

Rummy is one of the fun as well as a serious online cash game; the way to ace it is to avoid making most happened mistakes. The practice is one of the keys to build your gaming confidence in the rummy game. Practicing will help you go a long way in earning points and cash, which adds to the excitement of the rummy game. Double check your rummy gaming skills with Indian rummy rules before playing games for real cash.

9 Avoid These Common Mistakes While Playing Online Rummy Games

1. Value of High Cards

You should know the value of high card points, if you are playing with high-value cards, it always takes you in risk, never practice with these high cards try to reduce a high handed score before your opponent declares.

2. Discarding Wild Cards

Never fail to understand the importance of joker cards, most of the websites wild card jokers are marked as a printed joker so that you can’t discard joker cards.

3. Confusing with Meld & Group

Most of the website have the option to group the cards; no need to manually arrange the cards once you get any set of sequences to confirm it and group it in order of pure sequences or impure sequences, then meld it for a declaration.

4. Confusing with Sequence & Pure Sequence

At the card distribution time, every game started with printed and wild card joker which is picked randomly. Without using wild or the joker card it’s called pure sequence, with a joker card sequence called impure sequences. One main pure sequence is compulsory that is the main card in 13 card Indian rummy games.

5. Playing without Practice tables

You should play more practice tables; it will help you to improve your gaming speed and rightness of discarding and drawing cards. You can improve your rummy gaming skills by playing all types of practice tables and move into real cash games.

6. Wrong Declaration

The wrong declaration is the most common mistake for beginner’s even experts too. Before the declaration double-checks with your cards and card arrangements. So that you can avoid by getting the full 80 points to your score.

7. Track Opponents Moves

In spite of playing your game, always keep an eye on your opponent’s drawing and discarding cards. It’s quite a tough in initial stage later you can understand and predict their hand moves.

8. No Patience

Patience is the main mantra in Rummy game. Immediate decisions cause bad experience in the game. Avoid taking a sudden decision that you not to lose your game.

9. Rummy with Emotions

Rummy is a skill game; you should play with intelligence, not with emotions. You should set limits for your loss and keep track of your cash used in a rummy game.

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