PokerDangal is one of India’s leading online poker gaming platform with a tagline ‘Where Skills Meet Fortune’. They wish to redefine Poker in the country with their creative approach. Players can experience fresh air on their site, with lots of games under their belt, PokerDangal provides overflowing varieties, offers exciting tournaments & cash games with an uncompromised safe gaming environment.

As per PokerDangal, their prime principle is, lifting the online gaming industry in the country to a global standard while making sure that the players get the safest & most reliable platform while experiencing a fun-filled ecosystem. 

Pokerdangal is a flagship endeavor of Xeta Networks Private Limited, it is the fastest-growing poker platform in India. The franchise has attracted over 2 lakh subscribers, players have opted to PokerDangal since the brand promises complete safety & it has a 100% legal online poker platform.

The brand is famous for its attractive incentives and bonuses, the offers are so good that it is rarely turned down. Players are offered a special sign up bonus, they are provided with free tournament tickets or promo cash. Since Poker is a game of skill, with a few bonus coupons players can begin their quest for guaranteed real money winnings, every day. PokerDangal is live 24/7 anywhere, all you need is a device with an active internet connection for a saucy game of poker.

PokerDangal has successfully captured the spirit of Poker gaming and has beautifully bottled it up and created a unique platform for poker lovers. According to the player’s wish, they get to participate in any of their favorite real money games, with minimum buy-ins. PokerDangal is supported on all major platforms such as website, windows desktop, android & iOS with a sleek design on each and every one of them.

The success of Poker in India was inevitable, online poker has become the no.1 popular real money game in the country. Poker’s success is largely due to people’s love of traditional card games, with a little bit of push they soon began adapting to the poker game. The new format posed as a great alternative to other traditional card games. It’s true, Poker was destined to become part of millions of lives across India.

PokerDangal invites all citizens of India with an open arm to join in their poker family, #AbDangalHoga!