Poker is a card game which became popular in the early 20th century, during its early days Poker Games were just a recreational activity for small groups but later went on to become one of the most popular card games worldwide. Today, Online poker games are played throughout the world, with multi-million dollar tournaments, the game has reached new heights.

Poker games have lots of variations but the core of the game stays unchanged for the most part. The 1st round of a standard Poker game India begins with some sort of a betting, the players are forced to bet (a blind bet, they can bet according to the strength of their hand) the round then continues in a clockwise direction. The players can either call (i.e) match an opponent’s bet or fold (i.e) to give up & lose all the bets placed by them during the hand. The player who calls can also raise the bet to the amount of his wish. The round ends when everyone has either called or folded. The game ends when all the players have folded except one, in this case, he’s the winner by default (or) when the final betting round is completed and more than one player still stays in the table, the hands of the players are revealed & whoever has the winning hand is crowned as the winner.

Following are some different variations of the Online Poker Game

Texas Hold ‘em

Texas Hold ‘em Poker Game Online was born in Robstown,Texas, in the early twentieth century. This particular poker variations changed the outlook of the game completely, the rules of this game were drafted in such a manner that it gave the player a huge advantage,they were able to control the gameplay. Rather than luck, the game required skill & it gave people with strategies an edge over less-skilled players. It was known as the “thinking man’s game”, now you know why!

In 1967 it was inducted into Las Vegas casinos, becoming an instant favorite among the professionals but until three more decades it was largely unpopular among normal people. Today Texas Hold ‘em is the most famous form of free poker & is played widely among people worldwide.


The exact origin of Omaha is unknown but it is said that it came during the days of the Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha is a home-game version of its predecessor. The rules of the game are almost similar to its counterpart, all the players are dealt with a hole card and a set of face-up community cards. The major difference between these two Poker Games is that the number of hole cards dealt with the players varies, other than that there are no major variations among the two Poker Games.

Omaha came to popularity quickly like its counterpart, it was inducted into Las Vegas casino in the year 1982 & became a crowd favorite. Today, Omaha is played in most of the casinos around the world & is the most common poker types to be played in online poker rooms.


Stud Poker has been around for a long time & became popular as early as the eighteenth century. Modern versions of this Poker Game India like Five-card Stud too are very popular and it has been around for a century. The Players are dealt with both face-up & face-down cards, to begin with. They are dealt with more cards as the game progresses. The five-card stud was popular for about a century.


It seems like another version of the Stud Poker game known as the seven-card stud is gaining momentum & this has become more popular during the last two to three decades. This is a very popular home-game that has become extremely popular among casinos and on card rooms because of its simplicity, it is good for beginners.


Crazy Pineapple is yet another derivative of the popular Texas Hold ‘em Poker Game, with a little bit of twist to the format it has become a little bit more difficult Poker Game online than its predecessor. In Texas Hold ‘em players receive 2 hole cards to begin with but Crazy Pineapple Poker Game begins with 3 hole cards. The Crazy Pineapple Poker Game can be played with a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of up to 8 players. Wild cards are not allowed in both Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple Poker Games.


Pot-Limit Omaha or PLO follows the same pattern of standard Omaha but with a slight variation, the betting limits vary according to the size of the pot. When you’re raising, you won’t be able to raise more than the size of the pot.
The size of the pot is calculated by adding the following variables

  • The sum of all bets from previous rounds.
  • Any previous bets from the current round.
  • The size of the bet required to call the current bet.

While this may seem like a limited betting Online Poker Game, don’t get fooled, the pot limit grows rapidly during the gameplay. The pot size grows too big towards the end, so it’s advisable to say that only stronger hands should be advised to play till showdown.


Open- face Chinese Poker or OFC follows the structure of the Chinese poker. In a Chinese poker, players are dealt with 5 cards in the beginning & 1 card per set till they reach a hand legal/not with 13 cards. OFC is generally a 2 to 3 person game but can accommodate up to 4 players. Finland was the birthplace of this game during the 2000’s & it spread across Russia later. The game penetrated the US during 2012.


The 5 Card PLO or Pot Limit Omaha follows the structure of Pot Limit Omaha mostly but with a slight exception. In a 5 card PLO game players are dealt with 5 cards whereas in a standard Pot Limit Omaha game players are dealt with 4 cards only. Except that all the other rules are similar to the standard version of the Poker Game India, hand rankings & betting rounds are similar to that of Texas Hold ‘em Poker.


Omaha hi-lo or Omaha 8 is a popular variation of the traditional Omaha game. This Poker Game online offers some challenges that the traditional Omaha fails to deliver. Apart from the following differences the Omaha hi-lo Poker Game follows the same structure of the traditional Omaha for the most part.

During the gameplay when more than a player is able to put together a low hand, the game officially splits into two different competitions, carrying two separate but equal pots (i.e) the low pot & the high pot.

The high pot follows the rules of a traditional Omaha Poker Game and any player with the best 5 card hand can compete for the win. But in the case of a low pot competition, the rules are quite reversed, the low players hands should come up with the “worst hand” possible to win the pot. When the hands are compared, the player who has the lowest hand will win & if there’s a tie between the players their second-lowest cards are compared. If that too results in a tie, the pot is split equally among them.


Americana Poker differs greatly from its counterparts, the game is played with 32 cards, starting from 7 till Ace. The rules of this Poker Game can be a bit tricky due to the fact that this game’s “what beats what” structure differs from traditional Indian Poker Games rules. In Americana Poker a full house loses against a flush. The maximum number of players that can play Americana Poker in a table is 6 & the dealer deals the cards in clockwise direction.


Boost Poker follows a completely different format of gameplay, this is a format of Poker Game where players get to face new opponents on each new hand in the online poker tournament, this is a boost cash game. This kind of format is possible because of the fact that players are not constrained to play against a single set of players or at a single table, but they play against a whole pool of opponents.


This is a special type of Online Poker Game, the lower cards starting from 2 till 6 are removed from the deck, the players largely receive high cards & it’s fairly easy to come up with a 3 of a kind or a full house. But don’t get carried away because other players too have the possibility of getting stronger hands. So, always be careful before getting to a conclusion, your hand may not be the best hand. The 32 Card Draw Poker Game India is played with 2 to 5 players.


Hold em ++ is almost similar to the traditional Hold ‘em Poker Game but with an added twist. While traditional Hold ‘em players are dealt with one card each at Turn & River, Hold ‘em ++ players are dealt with 2 cards each. Other than the extra cards, the format of the free Poker Game online remains largely the same. Hold em ++ Poker Game is an easy game to play, all you gotta do is, use the hole cards & community cards in any combinations & come up with the best five-card hand.

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