WebsiteTournament NameDateDayTimeBuy inPrize pool
PokerBaaziDST 4K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday10:00554000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday10:00Free2500
PokerBaaziHyper 1500 GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday10:30221500
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday10:30Free2500
Khelo365Hustle NLHE21-09-2020Monday11:00224000
PokerBaaziTurbo 2K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday11:00332000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday11:00Free2500
PokerDangalHyper Turbo 2221-09-2020Monday11:00222,000
PokerStellar500 GTD Freerolls21-09-2020Monday11:00Free250
PokerBaaziMini DST 2K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday11:30332000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday11:30Free2500
PokerBaaziTurbo 10K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday12:0022010000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday12:00Free3000
PokerBaazi6-Max DST 15K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday12:3027515000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday12:30Free2000
Khelo365Pineapple Party21-09-2020Monday13:00552000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday13:00Free5000
PokerDangalBoost PLO21-09-2020Monday13:00995000
PokerDangalDaily 1K @ 2221-09-2020Monday13:00221000
PokerStellar500 GTD Freerolls21-09-2020Monday13:00Free250
Pocket52Pocket Deuces 2K GTD21-09-2020Monday13:00442,000
Khelo365Hustle PLO21-09-2020Monday14:00224000
PokerBaaziTurbo 15K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday14:0027515000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday14:00Free2500
PokerDangalFreeroll - 50021-09-2020Monday14:00Free500
Pocket52Pocket Lunch 1 Lac GTD21-09-2020Monday14:001,1001,00,000
PokerBaaziMini DST 2K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday14:30332000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday14:30Free2500
PokerBaaziPLO Turbo 20K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday15:0027520000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday15:00Free3000
PokerDangalDaily - 10K GTD (R+A)21-09-2020Monday15:007710,000
PokerStellar500 GTD Freerolls21-09-2020Monday15:00Free500
PokerBaazi6-Max DST 4K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday15:301104000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday15:30Free2000
Khelo365MiniMax PLO21-09-2020Monday16:00112000
PokerBaaziBout Mini 5L GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday16:00220500000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday16:00Free2500
Pocket52Pocket High Tea 40K GTD21-09-2020Monday16:0054040,000
PokerBaaziDST 12.5K GTD (RE) PKO21-09-2020Monday16:3033012500
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday16:30Free2500
PokerBaaziDaily Kicker 20K GTD (5RE)21-09-2020Monday17:0033020000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday17:00Free5000
PokerDangalDAILY 20K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday17:0017520,000
PokerStellar500 GTD Freerolls21-09-2020Monday17:00Free500
Pocket52Pocket Fives 5K GTD21-09-2020Monday17:001105,000
PokerBaaziDST 5K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday17:30555000
PokerDangalFreeroll - 50021-09-2020Monday17:30Free500
Khelo365Pineapple Party21-09-2020Monday18:00552000
PokerBaaziHyper 10K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday18:0022010000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday18:00Free3000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday18:30Free2000
PokerBaaziTurbo 10K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday19:0022010000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday19:00Free2500
PokerDangalRUSH 9921-09-2020Monday19:00997,500
PokerStellar500 GTD Freerolls21-09-2020Monday19:00Free500
Pocket52Pocket Snacks 25K GTD21-09-2020Monday19:0033025,000
PokerBaaziEvening DST 3K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday19:30333000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday19:30Free2500
PokerBaaziThe Bout 10 LAC GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday20:0027501000000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday20:00Free2500
PokerDangalFreeroll - 50021-09-2020Monday20:00Free500
PokerDangalMonday Blues21-09-2020Monday20:00385100000
Pocket52Pocket Queens 80K GTD21-09-2020Monday20:0088080,000
Pocket52Pocket Tens 10K GTD21-09-2020Monday20:0022010,000
PokerBaaziDaily 50K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday20:301105000
PokerBaazi6-Max Holdem BOOST DST 1 LAC GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday20:301100100000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday20:30Free2500
PokerBaaziMonday MegaStack 2 LAC GTD PKO (5RE)21-09-2020Monday21:002200200000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday21:00Free3000
PokerDangalPOWER PLO21-09-2020Monday21:0033020,000
PokerStellar10K GTD21-09-2020Monday21:00555,000
Pocket52Pocket Jacks 50K GTD21-09-2020Monday21:0055050,000
PokerBaaziTurbo 5K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday21:301105000
PokerBaaziPLO Boost Monster 1 LAC GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday21:301100100000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday21:30Free2000
Khelo365Daily Depositors Freeroll21-09-2020Monday22:00Depositors40000
PokerBaazi6-Max DST 50K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday22:0066050000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday22:00Free5000
PokerBaaziTurbo 2K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday22:30222000
PokerBaaziTurbo 20K GTD (2RE)21-09-2020Monday23:0055020000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday23:00Free2500
PokerDangalHyper Turbo 2221-09-2020Monday23:00222,000
Pocket52Pocket Fives 5K GTD21-09-2020Monday23:001105,000
PokerBaaziHyper Turbo 3K GTD (RE)21-09-2020Monday23:15333000
PokerBaaziPLO Daily 40K GTD (5RE)21-09-2020Monday23:3055040000
PokerBaaziEvery 30 Min Past Hour21-09-2020Monday23:30Free2500

Who doesn’t love to win a poker game, right! The thrill & the win proves to be the best experience for many. What makes the poker tournaments online so lucrative? Is it the prize money? The experience? The fun? Yep, the answer is, all of the above. Though the primary attraction is and always will be the potential of turning a small buy-in into a big win, i.e, for example, all you need to do is, enter an online poker tournament with a minimum buy-in amount, say, Rs.500 for a chance to win the prize money of amount worth Rs. 50000.

With online poker on the rise, the chances of a player participating and winning a poker freeroll tournament too has risen exponentially. Online poker tournaments are literally held 24/7 and players can put their skills to test & win the rest!

Following are some of the types of tourneys that are available these days.

Turbo Poker Tournaments

This is a type of tournament which forces the players to act quickly & turns the speed of the blinds by notches. Players would have to cope up with the increasing pressure and make moves accordingly. Turbo poker tournaments are a great option for players who do not wish to sit on a table and play for a long period of time.

Knockout or Bounty Poker Tournaments

In these kinda tournaments, players receive a bounty prize for knocking out their opponents, the prize pool is split & prizes are awarded for the late finishers. Depending on site rules & regulations the proportion of the bounty to prize differs. Generally the bounty portion is 20% to 50% of a player’s buy-in.

Satellite Qualifiers

Satellite qualifiers are life-changing opportunities for small-time poker players because these qualifiers provide tournament tickets for some major poker tournaments for which the entry is usually very big. It acts as a career-changing tournament for many, they are held both live & online.

Sunday Majors

Sunday majors are the collection of the biggest tournaments of the week, the biggest tournaments are usually held on Sundays, hence the name. Players can either buy-in directly or win in satellite qualifiers & collect their tickets to have a chance to participate in big tourneys.

Online Poker Events

Poker sites these days conduct tournament festivals & online events with huge perks, they provide guaranteed prizes & satellite qualifiers for bigger buy-in games. Players can exploit this opportunity to take their game to the next level. These events often provide players with special promotions & bonus offers too.

Poker has become quite popular in India, players from almost all parts of the country are competing against each other through the help of the online poker sites. These sites provide players with exciting offers and poker freeroll tournaments to help boost the growth of participation. It’s safe to say that we are only going to get bigger!

Get complete list of online poker tournaments from all major poker sites like PokerBaazi, Pokerstellar, PokerDangal, Calling Station, 9Stacks, Khelo365, Adda52, Spartanpoker more in one place at GamingStar.