Bored? Wanna have some quality fun time with your family?

Don’t worry we are here to save the day, we have a list of card games that are loved all over by Indian families, the list that we made will not only help you to kill time during this lockdown but will also help you to bond with your family members like never before.


Rummy is by far the most popular game among Indians, if you have any doubts on how this game of skill & luck is played continue to read our brief guide on how to play Rummy-

The deck is shuffled and is distributed till 13 cards are received by each player. The players are required to arrange the cards in a specific order with 4 groups of 3,3,3 & 4 cards.
2 groups at min are required to be lives (i.e) 7-8-9-10 of the same family or different suits.
1 life should be pure (i.e) should be of the same suit like JQK of Spades, whereas the rest of the 2 groups are allowed to be of the same rank like for example KKK.
When their respective turn comes the player has the option to either pick a card from the closed or the open pile to try to complete their groups.
The players should discard a card once they pick a card from the pile.
Thus the game goes on till a player completes all 4 groups & claims Rummy.


This too is an interesting card game to play with the family!
This game has no restriction on player participation, get all your family members to join in on the ride.

Ok, let’s start the game, once the players gather around, all the cards are distributed to everyone equally. The 1st player has to throw a set of cards that have the same rankings (i.e) five Queens, two Aces or 3 fives, in the center of the gameplay area.

The next player should guess whether the card set that the previous player discarded was real or a bluff. If the player guesses correctly then the previous player should pick up all the cards from the pile or else vice versa. If there’s no call made then the next player should continue to play around in a similar manner, after successful completion of each round, the pile is set aside. This process goes on until a player is able to get rid of all the cards in his hands to become the winner.

Satte pe Satta

Satte pe Satta game is usually played with 3 – 4 players. The cards are distributed among all the players equally. The game begins with the player who possesses the 7 of hearts, once he discards his card the next player in clockwise direction should play with either a 7 of any suit or a 6 or 8 of hearts. The players with 7 of any of the suits are not allowed to pass their turns. Every suit from Ace-King should be completed. The player becomes the winner only when he is able to finish off all of his cards.

Teen Patti

This game can be played at home with your family with a little bit of fun by using real money of low stakes, of course, all you need to do is sit back and have a great game of Teen Patti. The game begins when three cards are distributed to the players, the players should play according to the strength of their cards that they received, by placing bets on the ‘em. The 1st player, 1st two players or all the players bet blindly without seeing the cards. It’s like the Indian version of the popular game Poker, the next player has to call, raise or continue his blind bet. This is how the game goes on until the game ends with a winner.

Now, who’s ready for a nice game of cards to have a fun-filled time with your family?
Let this lockdown help us bond with our family members & help us understand ‘em & love ‘em unconditionally!

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