Big Stack Poker & 9stacks Together Produce Poker Pr

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Two of India’s biggest Poker Giants have come together to create a new platform called Poker Pr to help poker lovers of India to fulfill their dreams, learn poker skills & get a chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming a Poker pro!

Big Stack is India’s 1st Poker University & with the association of 9stacks which is one of the biggest gaming companies in India, Poker pr came to life. This platform aims to tap the skills & train the young aspiring poker players of India.

The mission of this platform is to find raw hidden talents from the land & train them to compete against international players. Big Stack takes up the responsibility of recruiting the talents & training them with the help of experienced players & 9stacks will further train the talents & help them practice the skills that they learned from Big Stack.

Rai Sahib Singh Khurana (Founder & CEO Big Stack) in a report said that “we are extremely delighted to announce our partnership with 9stacks and are confident that our association will certainly revolutionize the world of poker. This first of its kind collaboration will help elevate the standard of poker in the country and will also give a boost to our business. We believe India as a market, holds huge potential for poker to emerge as a mainstream sport and we are all geared up to reap the benefits of the huge opportunity hidden in the industry.”

The trainees will be funded with Rs. 2500 to play on 9stacks & apply the skills that they learned in the training. If the trainees wish to go through a personalized training at the Big Stack Poker University, 9stack has promised to fund them an additional Rs. 15,000 for the course.
Sudhir Kamath ( CEO & Co-Founder 9stacks) said that “we started 9stacks with the aim of taking poker to millions of new players across India. In the Big Stack Poker University, we’re glad to have found a partner who shares the same mindset. At present we will start with a few hundred enthusiastic new poker players, but we’re confident this will scale up manifold in the coming months and years. Further, by making the course entirely online and video-based with an added dash of testing and competition, I think they’ve cracked the code on designing an inherently scalable solution. I wish all the best to the Big Stack team in this much-needed endeavor.”

Coaches at 9stacks will be provided with non-redeemable cash money from Big Stack mega so that they will be able to play & train their students with live examples on 9stacks. All their gameplays and decisions are to be recorded, these records will be made available at the Big Stack Poker University for the young and upcoming poker players of the country!

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