Looking to make and earn money online? Looking for ideas on how to make money online? If so, then you’re in the right place. GamingStar shared with you 20 ideas to get extra income and make money online every day. Here are 20 legal methods for making money online.


Freelancing is the top most popular way to make and make money online. Every month you can earn a minimum $500 depending upon the freelance jobs. You can temporarily work for, and provide your services to small or large businesses. Outfiverr, upwork, freelancer, WorkNHire, and many more freelance sites offering projects for people with different skills like a content writer, game testing, web designer, graphic designer or provide services like SEO, data entry, logo design, video testimonials, digital marketing, etc. Just you have to do is create and complete your account details, browse the listings and ask for the job that suits you so concerned clients directly contact you.


In online, there is plenty of material available to help you to create your own website that includes choosing your website’s domain, templates, designs, etc. To improve website visitors, engage the users with relevant content and information. Signup with Google Adsense and other advertisement networks allow them to run ads on your website. For every click Google Adsense pays you. The more traffic you get on your website, the higher the earnings potential. This is one of the long terms to make money online ideas.


When your website has been up & running well with a decent number of visitors, it is a good time to sign up for the Affiliate market. Affiliate marketing is nothing but simply helping the companies to buy their services or products by clicking on the links on your website. Ecommerce websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay, etc. these sites are more scope in return you can get 4% to 20% commission.


Nowadays, online tutoring is the furthermost way to make and make money online in India. If you’re an expert on a specific topic, you can earn extra money by getting people tutored online. Simply create your account and listing the classes or subject which you want to teach your experience, qualification, etc. Most of the websites followed this method; you should apply to get a teaching demo. Once selected, you will do documentation followed by webinar training and induction. Formerly you should attend the webinar, and then only you are listed in that site as a Teacher. There are plenty of platforms to sell your courses online like Vedantu.com, MyPrivateTutor, BharatTutors, Tutorindia, Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, and much more. These are the platforms that can provide a flexible and convenient time for the online tutor to work. Just invest in a laptop, DSLR Camera or recorder, Good Quality of Mic for the clear voice and earns for your whole life.


Content writing is another easier way to earn money by writing various types of content online. You may write content for blogs, businesses, institutions, individuals so on. Various types of writers get different payments. Usually, you will get paid a minimum of $5 to $25 + to write content with 500 words. UpWork, iWriter, WriterBay, FreelanceWritingGigs, FreelanceWriting, TextBroker, ExpressWriters, etc. are the content writing sites where you can find the content writing jobs. If you don’t have the ability to write content, follow blogs like CopyBlogger you can practice to start read and write then to become a good content writer.


Blogging starts with an interest, hobby, and passion, then become a career option. There are several people working as an all-time blogger in many countries. There are two different ways to start your own blog; you can either create a WordPress or BlogSpot blog that doesn’t require any investment or go for the self-hosted blog. In the case of the later, it can cost you about minimum Rs.3, 000 to Rs 5,000 per year; you’ll need to pay out on domain name and space for server hosting. Self-hosted blogs have an added advantage that they allow you to customize your website’s elements and features. In the former case, you have to make calm with the plug-ins and tools the service provider has made available. The blogs can be monetized through advertisements, product reviews, etc. Yet note, earning by blogging will take a lot of time and effort too. For some, actually earning from blogging can take throughout the year.


If you are interested in video presentation start a unique YouTube Channel, create and upload videos and start to make monetizing it. Decide a genre or subject you want to create videos on and get started, but make sure a lot of people are interested in that topic. There are many takers on YouTube who can find everything about cooking, political debates, comedies, how to do, new, cinemas, etc. You need to create a unique YouTube channel; it will work like a blog on the same model. When your channel is famous and the number of subscribers is growing high so that you can earn more. The payment one receives is based on every 1,000 views.


Pay To Click (PTC) sites are considered the perfect way to get money online. The popular PTC sites are ClixSense.com, BuxP, NeoBux, etc. These sites offer money by simply clicking around 20 to 30 seconds on videos and advertisements. First register through the filling form on the sites and second click on the advertisement and start earning. One can also make friends’ references and earn extra money in the process. So be careful not all the PTC sites could be real.


Online you can find a lot of data entry works. Although this kind of data entry job is seriously threatened by the automation process. You don’t need any special skills, it’s one of the easiest jobs you can do online. You just need a computer or a laptop with a good Internet connection and speedy typing skills. Many freelancing sites list these kinds of data entry jobs, and you can sign up for any one of them to initiate earning between Rs 300 and Rs 1,500 per hour.


Another profitable way to make money online is Domain Trading. But you have to invest some amount in buying the domains. You can buy a domain from HostGator, GoDaddy, etc for less than $20 and sell that domain to the wanted person for a minimum of $100. Compared to other ways here you should be having a piece of detailed and strong knowledge about this business. Using your skill finds good domains that are not booked yet and in future companies can try to buy those domains. Your expertise here is to find major domains that aren’t booked yet and companies will try to purchase the domain in the future. If companies do not find the domain of choice, domain owner contacts us for the deal and the price for that domain can be fixed by yours. You could even sell the domains so people can buy straightaway at the price they want.


If you have enough time and also wanted to bring more revenue to your wallet, try this Captcha Solver works. This is one of the simple and easy ways to earn money. Just you see the images and type the characters exactly what it is called Captcha solver. You know to type very fast, you can earn more. You get paid a minimum of $2 for every 1000 captchas. If you like to know this type of job then you can try it from the following sites, such as prototypes, Kolotibablo, Captcha2Cash, MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, and so on.


Micro working is the simplest, quickest, and most secure way to make earn money online. It’s a huge demand business nowadays and there are many sites where you can find the micro-jobs. You can start working micro not just in India and around the world. Just starts earning a minimum of $200 to $300 per month simply works for two hours a day. You need to register on a few micro-working sites such as micro-workers, mTurk, rapid-workers, SEOClerk, minijobz, clickworker and more. From the list you can work on various tasks such as doing small research, product rating, review, identifying an object, commenting, visiting some sites, writing small articles, finding contact details, etc.


If you think you have a good shot and a small amount of creativity. This is another way of using your mobile to earn money online. You can take images of nature, locations, people, objects, food, and dishes, homes, etc in high quality and sell them online. There are various major sites such as Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, Photobucket, etc. where you can upload your images. Whenever a customer wants to buy your photos, you’ll get paid according to the price you decide. You could get paid for the same images multiple times.


In your home, there are many unused or unwanted items that are lying aside for months. Find out those things that are no longer use, just take good quality photos from different angles and post those items on Quikr or OLX sites for sale. You can collect unused items from your friends and relatives also sell that old stuff and get the commission form it.


Are you aware that spending hours at gaming would actually earn you some extra money? Most of the college-goers consider one of their best interesting hobbies playing games. Many are so addicted to it that they spend days and nights simply sitting and playing games on their mobile, laptop, or computer. Many advertisement companies that use their gaming web sites to encourage people to play games by giving cash, deals, and rewards. A few of the most popular websites for online gaming are rummycircle, adda52.com, dream11, indiabet.com, skill4win, brainbaazi etc. These are all different genre games like rummy, poker, fantasy cricket, online betting, quiz and contest games, pool games, etc. Try out these real money games and make your hobbies are really worthy.


The easiest way to make money from home is by doing online surveys. Simply complete a short survey, which usually takes 5-15 minutes, probably depends on a company’s requirements. Almost all of these surveys contain questions of multiple choices and require that you select a response based on your observation or opinion. Depending on the length of the survey, you can earn between Rs. 50 and Rs. 500. You can visit sites like Toluna and Univox by doing online surveys to make money.


Publishing and selling eBooks is also a smart way to generate extra revenue. If you do have a piece of great knowledge about any subject or topic, you can create an eBook using online design platforms like canva.com. Some of the online sites offer full support, such as creating your eBook on its website and publishing your eBook yourself. Kindle, MyeBookMaker, and lulu.com are online sites where you can sell your eBooks.


Use Photoshop to create stunning pictures, logos, and compelling text. Print your creations on T-shirts, and start selling them online. You can also make custom shirts like a picture of a child, spouse, or some memorable photos. Use Photoshop tool to touch-up those images and then offer the shirt at a premium price on seller sites like ebay, amazon, snapdeal etc. You can also sell your creations on teespring, teeshopper sites. Start to sell a T shirt minimum of $10.


Flipping websites is nothing but domain business; this is the leading earn money online ideas in India. Just create a website and work marketing activity for 4 to 6 months, then put it on a different sales platform. You will get 15-20 times bigger than the average cost. Monthly you will make thousands of money.


Another very popular way to earn money is a translation job. A translation job means translating a text from one language to another. You translate the words from English to Spanish, Russian, Arab, French, German, or some other language. Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, or WorkNHire are a viable platform for professional translators. Register and bid for translation projects, you can earn from Rs.1 to 5 per word. For some languages, a word rate is going up to Rs. 10.


GamingStar researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the best ideas on how to make money from home in India. All of the above ideas are legitimate and proven. All you need to do is work hard; you will earn a lot of money. Any doubt and queries about how to make money online please share it in the comment box.

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Kathey Mccollough

This blog about 20 Ideas To Get Earn Money Online.
has helped me enormously, is a very good topic.
How i just make money from my home overnight

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Ashok kr datta

Beautiful information.everybody solvs own eco.problem so many many thanks.

Hansraj Sharma
Hansraj Sharma

I am interested in online typing job, I am a very good typist and my typing speed is more than 80 words per minute

Hansraj Sharma
Hansraj Sharma

Very nice suggestion of earning money




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