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Hola Gamers,

Welcome to GamingStar was started by a bunch of gamers passionate about gaming. At GamingStar we aim to provide opportunities to unleash the star gamer inside you. 

With so much happening in the gaming scene and being gamers by heart and soul we understand the various problems gamers undergo. We aim to become the one-stop credible source for gaming related news, tips, and tricks, promotions, reviews, and tournaments. We hope to create a positive impact on the world of gamers.


  • News – Get to know the latest gaming industry happenings, tips, and tricks that will help you to be a better gamer and discover new games
  • Tournaments – There are so many online gaming tournaments that are being organized but for players, it is a big challenge to keep track of these events as they are spread across different places. We have built a tournament aggregator which will collate tournament details from different places and present to players in an easy to consume way to help players make the best of the opportunities and shine in the game.
  • Promotions – GamingStar will provide coverage of promotions offers and deals that different sites provide and help players get the best deals and offers.
  • Reviews – We shall provide unbiased and objective reviews about games and gaming sites
  • Contest and GiveAways – We will regularly conduct contests and giveaways. Users can participate in the contests and giveaways to win exciting prizes.


With so many genres of games available we wanted to have a start with a game that is widely loved by people and yet has less coverage. Our aim was to take a category go in depth into it and cover it from all possible angles.  Surprisingly we found that Rummy a game played by millions of Indians both offline and Online and yet there is no single source where players can depend on to get a complete overview of the industry, developments, offers etc… Thus we are beginning our journey at GamingStar with Rummy and will expand the coverage to other games soon.

Please do write to us and share your feedback and also let us know what game you would like us to cover next.